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My fellow aspiring romance author, Rachael Johns, recently posted on her blog asking for recommendations on e-Readers. I decided to post about my e-reader which I've had since September 2009. It's the ECO Reader and it's the best thing I've ever bought.

I decided to buy an e-reader since moving to my new house which had less space for my precious books than my previous residence. I've got stacks of books in cardboard boxes in the garage because there's nowhere to put them. My e-reader cuts the need for storage space and hubby is much happier!

Also, I get to purchase and download all the latest HM&B Modern Heats as they're released in the UK rather than waiting for them to be available in Australia. Considering I like instant gratification, the e-reader is ideal. I don't have to wait for books to arrive in the mail. I also get to carry my ECO Reader in my handbag and have a number of titles stored on there. And the battery lasts for ages (7,000 pages - to put this in perspective, I've read stacks of books since I've purchased it in early September and I haven't needed to recharge since then).

When doing my research for what e-reader to purchase, I found a problem. Sony eReader wasn't available in Australia, neither was the Kindle (which didn't suit my purposes either because I wanted to purchase Harlequin novels), and there were two e-readers available in Australia and they cost a small fortune. And iphone wouldn't cut it for me because I have poor eyesight and I read for hours on end.

I purchased my ECO Reader from DA Direct in Melbourne, Australia for $449 (incl. GST) plus delivery. Or rather hubby purchased it for me as my birthday present :)

I got my 12-month warranty and the option of technical support plus regular firmware updates for my e-reader.

So there you go! Anyone, else got an e-reader? Care to share your experience?


Veronica said...

I suffer from extreme technophobia ; - ) and only recently acquired an iPod - my iTunes is becoming quite obese with nearly 200 audiobooks. Whilst I love everything about real books, one never knows. So, my question is: Are you able to download books from places other than the UK HM&B such as Booksonboard and transfer to your ECO or are there limitations?

Sussan Marz said...

I don't have a dedicated ereader, but bought an IPAQ PDA 5 years ago which I have been using as an ereader. I've rarely bought a paper book since. Funny how taking that initial step was a big deal - I thought I would miss the feel of a book. Honestly I find the digital version easier to read. I can use one hand comfortably, I can read in the dark, I can switch to another book easily and I can book mark, highlight and write notes with great ease (although those features will depend on what sort of software you have on your ereader). Then there's the easy portability factor.

The downside is I've actually spent more on digital books than I'm physically capable of reading - they are so easy to download! And of course, not everything you want is available.

Angie Peters said...

Veronica, I know just what you mean re: the technophobia :) And I also love real books - the smell, flicking the pages at will, etc. You can transfer ebooks onto the ECO Reader from any website as long as the format they are available is compatible (and I find most of them are). While I'm not familiar with Booksonboard (I must go and look it up!), I've also downloaded from ebooks.com. The eReaders are still a bit too expensive in Australia, but hopefully will save money and space in the long run :) Unfortunately, there's some books which aren't available for download outside the US so I still have to order the hard copy from the Book Depository.

Hi Sussan - I agree with taking the first step being a big deal. It's the unknown factor. I also find it's easier to hold the digital version without my hand getting sore :) The PDA sounds great - I like the sound of being able to highlight and make notes. Thanks for pointing out those downsides - you're very right, of course.

Lacey Devlin said...

I think you've almost talked me into one! I'm reluctant to give up my books but I have to admit that storage wise it's getting ridiculous ;).

Angie Peters said...

LOL, Lacey! Anyone would think I would be getting commissions :) Alas, I'm not. Maybe there's some hope to convert you yet *grin*

Sri Pammi said...

I kinda don't want to give up my books either like Lacey, but DH's not at all happy with category romances everywhere in the house. He says they seem to be multiplying every time he checks.
On the other hand, I'm also very jealous of your e-reader.

Angie Peters said...

Hi Sri - I can relate with the hubby not being happy having too many books in the house. Interestingly, my hubby doesn't complain anymore, LOL!
Maybe you could convince DH to give you an e-reader as a gift??

Suzanne Jones said...

Would love one - but don't think I could ever part with my books.


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