Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Voices

I've gone to ground and have been hiding out in my bunker since I hit 'send' on my New Voices comp entry. It's been the most exhilirating and horrid feeling all rolled into one. Luckily, everyone so far has been kind and supportive in their comments. And for that I'm eternally grateful :) So THANK YOU.

Everyone who entered should take a bow as it takes a lot of courage to put your work in front of others for comments and ratings.

Please visit the wonderful Lacey Devlin's blog for the Wall of Fame of entrants (we all would love your support!) and the ever-supportive Francine Howarth's blog for more recommendations of entries to read.

If you're interested in reading my Modern Heat first chapter entry, head on over to the website: and it's under 'Contemporary Romance' by Angie Peters. The title is 'Warming the Sexy Stranger's Bed'.

I'll get the courage to mosey on over to the Mills & Boon New Voices site soon - just as soon as my stomach stops churning and the sick feeling recedes somewhat...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cardinal sin

I've committed a cardinal hero and heroine don't meet on the first page of my NV comp entry. I know they should but I had this opening hook in my head. And the way they meet is important for the next chapter. So they don't meet until page four. Which probably means I've just shot myself in the foot. *sigh*

I've sent off the re-written first chapter to my new CP. Hopefully, she'll have time to provide me some feedback before I embarrass myself and send it to the judges and the rest of the world to read. I'm not sure if my writing is ready to be sent out to the world just yet, but I have to start sometime, don't I?

So nerve wracking....

Please tell me, my wonderful blog readers - is it absolutely MANDATORY to have the hero and heroine meet on page 1 in a category romance?

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